Monday, July 14, 2008

Thank You For HELPing us.

The other night when I couldn't sleep, I devised something to help all of you help us. A major source of stress for us is when we take Olivia out in public and everyone proceeds to try to touch her. Even though it is summer, there are all kinds of illnesses going around. . .including pneumonia which would be detrimental to Olivia's health. Because we can't decipher what illness would be okay for her to have and what illness would not, we need to protect her. Our doctor recommends this up until the age of two. Once Olivia starts crawling, we won't be able to protect her as much, but until then. . .it is just the way we are and the way our life is right now.

So, I ask. . .please do not come up and touch her. We don't know if you've been sick or if you're going to call us that night and say you've suddenly fallen ill. It's just too stressful for us. This is in the forefront of our minds every day and it's exhausting to constantly protect her and try to live a normal life. I know it's harder for other people to remember, so I made up something to HELP you HELP us (hey, I have to do something productive as I'm lying awake in bed.)

Before you touch Olivia, think about these four things that spell HELP:

Are you Healthy?

Have you been Exposed to an illness within the last few days? Maybe you are well, but your entire family is sick.

Have you Lathered your hands with soap and water? I'm talking about immediately before touching her.

Have you Purelled your hands? Again, immediately before.

Please ask yourself these simple questions before attempting to touch Olivia. We truly appreciate all of your help. It would eliminate a lot of stress for us. Thank you. . .and they'll be a quiz on this tomorrow. . heehee.


Kerry said...

Love the acronym. As an addition to the L in lather: anyone washing their hands with soap should do so for at least 20 seconds or the soap won't do any good. I know this from working at Wendy's for 47 years (yes I look good for my age don't I?). My cousin Stacy who is a nurse hums the "Happy Birthday" song while washing, which should last 20 seconds.

Jennifer said...

I just found your blog moments ago from a comment you left on Liz's blog. Your daughter is so sweet and adorable! I plan to be a NICU nurse :)

Karen said...

I really don't understand, perhaps it is just me but I would never walk up and touch a stranger's baby. I adore babies and love to give them hugs and cuddles, just not without the parent offering (except my niece and godson, I have unlimited cuddles and hugs privileges, it is in my contract). I think you are doing an amazing job and a huge part of it is keeping that precious little girl safe.