Thursday, September 4, 2008

Home Sweet Home

What a long day! It's nice to be home. I have to say that Olivia was an angel all morning even though she was tired and hungry. I was so proud of her. We enjoyed seeing many of the NICU nurses who came to visit Olivia today. I have to say, it was very difficult watching the nurse walk down the long hall with her to the operating room.

The doctor came in to get us about an hour later. He had that "everything went fine, but. . " look on his face. . .you know the look. The surgery went well, but afterwards Olivia developed a rash all over her body. They weren't able to pinpoint what caused it, but we have a list of everything that was given to her. After they gave her a steroid shot and some Benadryl, the rash slowly began to go away. We have to continue the Benadryl at home, along with Tylenol and eye drops. It breaks my heart to see her blood-tinged tears.

When we went into the recovery room, Olivia was not herself. She was pretty combative from the anesthesia. Her arms were flailing and she was screaming, however, there's nothing that the ant song can't do. She just wanted her mommy and we got her back to sleep. She slept and slept and slept in the recovery room. We finally had to wake her up and have her take a bottle before we could go home. We headed for home around 4:00 pm. We are all pretty tired and Olivia has been asleep since we arrived home.

Ashle, Trinity, Me and Mommy. Trinity is also a Wesley NICU graduate who was born at 23 weeks. She had eye surgery today too. I just know that someday we're going to be great friends.
Daddy, mommy, me and a giraffe. Can you believe that there was a giraffe in the room?

They gave me some medicine before my surgery to help me remain calm when they took me away from mom and dad. It made me a little loopy. I wasn't even that hungry anymore.

Surgery was tough. Afterwards, I just wanted my mommy.

All I wanted to do was sleep, but eventually they woke me up and gave me a bottle.

Here I am finally at home, but I'm still not very happy. Surgery is no fun.


Shea said...

Oh my gosh, what a day. That's so crazy that she got a rash. But I'm glad that all is well back home. I had been thinking of all of you all day. I just got home from volleyball and I promise, this was the first thing I did, check on Livi! Happy you're home!

Kim said...

I'm glad things went well. It was nice to heard good news from dad when he called this afternoon. Olivia is such a trooper.

Ryan...just look that that poor face. You HAVE to buy her a pony now...or at least a swing set!

Don, Shelley and Izzy said...

We were so happy when we got our phone call also. We had been waiting by the phone. I am so glad that the three of you are home and this is in the past. We will be thinking of you, and hope you all sleep tight tonight!

Stacey said...

I am in tears! She is so precious and that is no fun!

My Olivia had to have an MRI on her brain (so we did the whole sedation thing too) right when she turned 2, she was in Riley, which was AWESOME! but to see her sedated and to watch her little body so still was very hard. I am so glad your Olivia is doing so well, God is so good!


Kerry said...

Oh what a sad face. That breaks my heart. I'm glad to hear she made it through it all right though (with the exception of the rash). Thanks for the update. I hope she continues to feel better and better.

Anonymous said...

very happy to read that Olivia did so well today, hope her rash gets better. thanks for the update and have a good night sleep you all.

God is awesome:)

Amanda said...

She is so precious- I love the pic of her on your chest asleep- she just wanted her mommy- so sweet- I am so glad that this is over for you- does she not have to wear patches or anything after the surgery? Or is she just aloud to look around and stuff?

The Microblogologist said...

So glad she did well, despite the rash, my goodness that child is a trooper! I hope she soon gets to the point where she doesn't have to be a trooper and can just be the cute little girl that she is =)!


23 Weekers said...

Poor girl. She looks so sad. The eyes heal so fast. Hopefully she'll be back to her happy self tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I prayed for little Olivia today. My oldest daughter had that surgery a year ago & we found out yesterday that my youngest will need it to!
You'll be glad you did it. :)

Thinking about Olivia:)

Katy Boyle

Kellars Mommy said...

Oh I had no idea that Olivia was having this done, I obviously missed the post, I am so sorry I didn't post a good luck wish to her, but I see that she was a trooper and aside from the rash did great! I am so pleased with Kellars outcome after the surgery, the first few days were very very tough on me, I 2nd guessed my decision on some many occasions to have it done, I just didn't give his eyes enough time to heal and adjust but the difference after the healing is going to blow your mind..Thank you also for your kind post, I know that Cameron and Olivia both have so many friends and I truly believe that each time an angel is called home all the little ones are right there waiting to welcome them home!

Cristi said...

Wondering how Olivia is this morning. She is in my prayers today. How soon will you know how well the surgery worked? I am curious. Have a great day with your sweet little girl.

Heather @ A Boy, A Girl, A Pug said...

Glad everyone is doing well now. Her little face just broke my heart!

Hilary said...

get better sweet girl!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear that Olivia
made it through her surgery
in fine shape (except for
the rash)! I couldn't wait, so I called Mary last
night to hear the good news. You brought tears to
my eyes about her wanting her Mom to sing the Ant Song to her, then she relaxed and rested. How
awesome is that! She is
so precious, as are her
parents! Love Ya. M.A.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that Olivia made it through the surgery. I guess I didn't realize that Trinity had the surgery the same day. You and Ashley have tought me so much on how to be a strong mother. I read your posts and it gives me joy to see that Olivia is doing so well. It is hard for me sometimes to think back to our crazy days in the NICU but I think it made us stronger. Hopefully someday Emma, Olivia and Trinity can all hang out and we can have a little NICU reunions. Crystal