Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday, October 31, 2008 - Update

Halloween 2001 was a very special day. Ryan and I had been dating for about 7 months, we had already gone engagement ring shopping and I was wondering when he would propose. He asked what I wanted to do on Halloween. His sister was having a Halloween party at her house with the whole family, so I thought we should go over there. I showed up after work and Ryan wasn't there. I was told that he went out for ice, which wasn't uncommon. Everybody was busy fixing dinner and tending to Alex and Julia (the only children at the time.) The doorbell started ringing and I remember waiting for someone to get the door. Come on, people, there are trick-or-treaters waiting for you. When no one went to the door, I resigned myself to be the treat giver and grabbed the bowl of candy. A little child dressed all in black came to the door. It was extremely windy that night and I had trouble propping the door open. The little child reached in for some candy and I wished him a Happy Halloween. I was waiting for him to leave so that I could shut the door, but he was fiddling around in his treat bucket. I thought, "Okay, come on. . .I give you candy, you say thank you and head on to the next house." Then the little child pulled out a ring box. . . took off his hood and I realized that it was Ryan. . .down on his knees like he always said he would be. I was flabbergasted and I hugged him and almost forgot to say yes. My family later came over for dinner and we shared the good news (of course, everyone knew but me.) I can't believe that was 7 years ago. We had a long engagement as Ryan went back up to K-State to finish out 3 semesters and we got married June 28, 2003 after he graduated.
Me and my little trick-or-treater. . .er I mean. . . fiance.
Had I known I was getting engaged that night, I would have done a little something with myself.
Newly engaged.
Who would have thought that 7 years later, we would have such a beautiful and amazing daughter!

Olivia and I leave in less than 6 hours to pick Ryan up at the airport. It seems he has been out of town forever! Okay, so it's only been a week, but it's been an excrutiatingly long week. He has been in Los Angeles at a Microsoft professional developers conference. We miss him horribly and can't wait for him to come home!!


Kerry said...

I love that story. You two look so young! Oh geez. I originally typed "You too look so young". Anyway, I'm glad Ryan gets home tonight. I'm sure Olivia will be excited to see him.

Anonymous said...

Ryan was so cute-what happened? Haha He looks like his brother Joel now. Jodi looks the same, not a day older-what's up with that? This is Laura and Joels sister in law (Linda)and I meet you guys back in the day. That is how I remember Ryan looking. I don't respond much but my prayers are always with your family and little Logan and Olivia. It is a delight to see her grow,what a difference a year makes, and Momma Jodi will feel like a kid again by this time next year and once again it will be your favorite holdiay.

Kim said...

I remember that night like it was last year. Man time flies. You wouldn't believe how hard it was to "keep busy" so that we couldn't answer the door!

You guys sure did look young, and our house underwent a major makeover after those pictures were taken!

Alicia said...

What a cute story!

RyanAndrew2007 said...

What a beautiful engagement story. What a very special way to spend Halloween!