Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008 - Update

More Halloween pictures. . .
I don't wanna be a giraffe anymore!

Olivia had her 14 month checkup/vaccinations today. She handled her FIVE shots like such a trooper and only cried for a few seconds. She has also made it on the actual growth chart (not the preemie one.) Hooray!

Weight: 17 lbs 1%
Length: 27 1/2 in 2%
Head circ. 43 3/4 cm 5-10% (She has a big noggin!)

It doesn't look like she'll get the Synagis shots. It's mainly because she is 1)not in daycare 2)has no other siblings (she still would if I had any say in it) 3) she has not been on supplemental oxygen, steroids, etc. in the last 6 months. I'm done fighting about it. I'll just have to continue being ever-vigilant and keep her healthy this winter. Her doctor said that her lungs sounded pretty clear so I'm hoping that she could handle it if she did get any type of respiratory illness.

I start on my cortisteroids (Cortef) today and I will probably have to remain on them for 6 months. That makes me nervous because of all the side effects that it can create. It also stops your body from making it's own cortisol in hopes that when you are weaned off. . your body will be healthy enough to begin again. Olivia still remains my number one concern. As a mom, I don't think you can put yourself above your children. Hopefully, I have it in me to take care of myself as well.

Tomorrow is not only Halloween, but a very special day for many reasons. I'll share those with you tomorrow.


Miracles said...

She's the cutest little giraffe I've ever seen!

RyanAndrew2007 said...

Olivia is a cute little giraffe.

Anonymous said...

she's the cutest baby ever. Have a great day tomorrow, and God will take care of you and Olivia this winter, keep the faith.

God is awesome:)

23 Weekers said...

I'm sorry she's not getting the synagis shots this year. She has been very healthy, so hopefully her lungs have had some time to grow and repair. Kinnick has been sick 3 times and hasn't had to go to the hospital. So, she's getting stronger. Carver gets colds and acts no different then a normal healthy baby. I'm surprised he qualified this year. Take care. I hope you get some more energy soon. I feel pretty worn out myself. These kiddos takes everything I've got.