Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009 - Update

I am my mommy's daughter!
I love pickled okra just like her!
Okra lovers unite!

I found this hilarious for many reasons. Olivia won't eat hardly anything lately. . .no baby food, no table food, not even macaroni and cheese. Yet, I gave her one of my pickled okras and she chowed down on it. For a little girl with a few sensory issues, she didn't mind the texture at all. It was pretty funny. Our honey bear cup is not working too well. She won't let the straw anywhere near her mouth, so our transition from a bottle isn't really working. The good news is that she is taking her bottle great and continues to drink over 20 ounces a day. I put some goldfish crackers and such on the coffee table. She can ride her pony up to it and have some snacks. You can tell she feels so proud of herself. At least now, she's no longer eating only carbs. . .it's carbs and okra!


Kim said...

Maybe I should try giving Kaleb some pickled okra. He loves cucumbers (just like all my kids), but they have to have vinegar on them. Come to think of it...maybe we should try pickles too!

Jodi said...

Olivia won't eat cucumbers, but I'm thinking of trying pickles with her as well.

Julia said...

Rebekah is another pickled okra lover. And I am too!

Kellars Mommy said...

Yummy pickled okra, I used to eat a jar of that stuff all alone!!! Kellar is not big on that but he loves cucumbers and will suck on a pickle, I think the sliminess of the okra is what throws him off, he hates dirty hands, if you could hear him right now as I'm typing he's in my face "my hands are dirty, my hands are dirty"

23 Weekers said...

Too funny. Sounds like she's doing fabulous. 20 oz is pretty darn good.