Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday, March 20, 2009 - Update

Look at me go!
I like to carry around pictures of my boyfriends.
Oh, that cute Cooper!

My friend and previous boss, Pam, visited the other day. She brought a picture of her grandson and Olivia carried that picture around for over an hour. It even went on a walk with us. I finally had to pry it out of her hands because it was getting a little bent up and I put it on the refrigerator. She likes to look at that picture along with the other baby pictures on our fridge and smile. It's really cute.

It seems that RSV is peaking right now. . .a bit late this year. Just when it seems I can almost relax and expose Olivia to more things. . .I find out that I can't. I was a little irritated the other day by a story that my sister-in-law told me. A lady took her son into the doctor and found out that he had RSV. She still, however, took him to the play area that Olivia's cousin goes to. I realize that his case must be mild, but do people not realize how serious RSV can be for some children? How many children are now being exposed to it? That is why I can't take Olivia to certain places or ever let my guard down. No wonder I'm so exhausted. . .maybe I just look at things entirely different than most people.


Chickenista said...

How sweet! I can just hear you chanting "go baby go!" Well there's no stopping her now, oh the things she'll find!♥

Amanda said...

Hey Jodi!
Sorry I havent posted in a while! My best friend had a baby this week, and I got to watch! So, things have been a little busy with me...(and exciting)(not that I would wanna watch a person give birth again)(one time is enough) lol...anyways! Look at her go! She is so sweet, and is doing great!! And,'ve made it this far this year stick it out just a couple more weeks!! Yay for summer!!