Monday, March 23, 2009

Girl Of Many Talents

This video cracked me up. Olivia had just gotten up from her nap and had no real desire to do what I was telling her to do, but she went through the motions anyway. The look on her face was probably similar to that of all the students who went back to school today after spring break.

Olivia just recently started clapping and now she does it all of the time. She loves waving bye-bye and shaking her head no. Put them all together and she's a girl of many talents.


angie c said...

That is're right she does just seem to be going thru the motions :) I have (had?) a video of Brooke at about 20 months where I was quizzing her on all her animal sounds. It is so cute. But I just archived all the pics on my computer, so I sure hope it made the transition :)

Jodi said...

What's really cute is that she does it every time I play this video. . .but, usually with a few more smiles.