Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009 - Update

My first Happy Meal toy. . .

Things are going good around here, although I hope we don't have anymore "bloody" falls this week. That is twice now that she has scraped her chin and given herself a fat lip. I'm really pondering the significance of this walking hullabaloo. (I don't know if that word fits here but I kinda felt like using it.) Her primary means of getting around is still crawling or walking while holding on to your finger. We're working really hard on getting her to release from furniture and she's doing great. She still wants to mainly walk to someone or something. . .she doesn't really just cruise around the house. But, it's a start and if we could get rid of some of the falls, we'd all be happier.

Let's see. . .what else is going on with Ms. Olivia. . .eating is going well and yesterday she had a few bites of a chicken mcnugget. I was thrilled that she at least tried it because she doesn't like to eat a lot of meat. Drinking out of a straw is coming along fairly well. Olivia is now up to almost 18.5 lbs, still not a lot but I was just glad she broke the 18 lb mark. Hopefully, she'll be over 20 lbs by the time she is two. And. . .currently, she has seven teeth. She tries to say quite a few words, such as juice, shoes, boat, duck, tweet tweet, woof woof. . .but no mama yet.

We're still eagerly anticipating warm weather (without wind) so that we can get outside more. I hear it is supposed to get rather cold by the end of the week. Olivia cries every time I open the door, but don't let her go outside. We should be getting "something" by the end of the week that Olivia will enjoy. . .we'll have to see.

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Julia said...

I have to correct the record. Actually Olivia's first happy meal toy she received on the day she was born from her Aunt Laura :-)