Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Look At What I Can Do!!!

Tonight, for the first time. . .Olivia drank out of a straw! Every time Kerry comes over, Olivia does something extraordinary. She'll eat minestrone soup, pizza, chicken parmesan. . .only when Kerry is here. Tonight Kerry came over and Olivia drank out of a straw. She seemed interested in my straw, so I filled up her honey bear cup with orange juice. I gave it a few squeezes, she caught on and started sucking all by herself. This is huge and something we've been trying for months. She usually doesn't let us put the straw anywhere near her mouth. I'm just beaming with pride. Great job baby girl!! Oh, and Kerry? You're going to have to come visit every day from now on. Who knows what Olivia will do next!

I've been hesitant to give her orange juice or any kind of juice for that matter, but I also want her to be interested in drinking from a straw. I diluted it with water as I know some kids have problems with the acidity of orange juice. She seemed to absolutely love it, however, so how do I deprive her of it? She probably just likes it because it looks sort of yellow. :) Do most of you dilute orange juice for your toddlers? How much water to juice do you use? Any advice on the topic is appreciated.


Stacie said...

Yeah!! Way to go Miss Olivia!!

That is wonderful Jodi. I am sure you are beaming with pride.

Amanda said...

Awwww.... that is so great! Jake couldn't drink out of a straw until he was 2! Seriously! And with the juice-as long as its 100% juice and not concentrate- I'd say she can have 6-10 oz. a day? That's about what Nate has... I just put probably about...?? half a sippy cup full, and then add just a little water.. I'd say.. if you did a 1/2 cup of juice, then add 1/4 water? Or a little less than that... Nathan could drink orange juice all day and it not do anything to him..but APPLE JUICE!! Thats a different story...seriously, 1/2 a juice box would give him diarrea (sp?) and a diaper rash BAD!... they sell diluted down apple juice.."MOTS FOR TOTS"..but its pretty gross...my kids wont drink it... but maybe she would if she hasn't had the "real" stuff before :) Whatever she's drinking...GOOD JOB!! Thats such an accomplishment!.. The amount of things they learn to do, from 12-24 months is a lot! It seems like they are changing everyday! Talk to you soon!!

Kim said...

Good job, Olivia! Now your mama will be able to get you a drink anywhere you go!

I diluted the kids juice when they were 6-8 months old. After that I just gave it to them full strength. Generally I only allow one juice product a day. Mostly because they need milk and water more.

Erin said...

Good job Olivia! I've always diluted Dylan's juice. He's almost five, and I still do. I usually give him about 1/3 juice to 2/3 water. I do this with his orange juice as well as his Juicy Juice.

Anonymous said...

I've always diluted juice half and half. She doesn't know the difference and she doesn't have any older siblings to tell her how gross it is;)
There's no reason to buy diluted juices, just make it as you go-you can even buy frozen juice concentrate that you can keep frozen and use it a spoonful at a time (just keep it sealed - ie:in a baggie, while it's in the freezer).
Also, you'll find juice may not effect her as far as diaper rash or that most juices do. It is so individual, I would just introduce them one at a time.

Olivia just keeps impressing us!

Heather @ boy, girl, and a pug said...

Ella gets OJ every morning. I do half water in her sippy and half OJ.

Way to go with the straw Miss Olivia! How exciting!

Jennifer said...

We do half and half with Jacklynn...except with citrus juices. those seem to make her pee and poop acidic and irritates her little tooshie...therefore we do 1/4 juice with 3/4 water since she loves it so much.