Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday, May 11, 2009 - Update

I'm wearing my glasses like a big girl!

I'm so proud of Olivia. She has worn her glasses for most of the day today. We took her glasses in this afternoon to be adjusted as they were a bit too big. Now, it's a lot easier for her to keep them on. They no longer keep falling down on her nose.

Her physical therapist and vision teacher came out this morning. Her PT couldn't be happier with her progress and is not coming out again until August. Her vision teacher gave me some suggestions to help keep Olivia's glasses on. She has seen many kids who are not successful with glasses and Olivia is not exhibiting any of those signs. She has every reason to believe that Olivia will start wearing them like a pro and after today. . .I'd believe it. Even if Olivia does have to have a second strabismus surgery, her glasses will help strengthen those muscles to help make the surgery more successful. Please continue to pray for Olivia and her vision.


Anissa said...

Love the picture -- she is to cute. I will continue to pray for your little girl. TFS

Stacie said...

She looks so cute in this picture!! She looks like she is just as proud of herself as you are. :D