Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wednesday, May 13, 2009 - Update

Hello everyone!

Ducky? Are you in here?

My new favorite snack. . .dried cranberries!

After Olivia wore her glasses amazingly well on Monday . .Tuesday it was a bit more of a struggle. Nothing is ever quite consistent, I guess. Today, I find myself wondering not only if the glasses are going to work for Olivia, but if counseling is going to work for me. I'm a very introspective person who doesn't really need someone to help me figure out what I'm feeling. If I have questions about something. . . I buy a book on it. I'm supposed to try not to catastrophize things or assume that future outcomes are going to be bad. I realize that I probably do that, but when you've been through one of the worst experiences imaginable, how do you not? When I ask myself, "What's the worst that can happen?" and I know personally what that is, how do I train myself to think more positively? I feel the need to examine every possible outcome to every situation in order to prepare myself for anything. You'd think I would have learned that no matter how hard I try to do that. . .it doesn't help. Giving birth at 23 weeks and losing my son was never an outcome that crossed my mind when I was pregnant with my twins. So, any situation is either 1) never going to be as bad as you imagine it to be or 2) so bad that your mind can't even wrap itself around the possibility. Hmmm. . .that doesn't really help in my quest to stop catastrophizing things.
Anyway, Olivia is doing well. I enjoy watching her play with her toys and toddle around the house. I bought myself some Craisins and found that Olivia loves them. They truly are her new favorite snack and I'm not complaining about that (although they do have quite a bit of sugar.) Speaking of sugar, any advice on brushing a toddler's teeth? We've been using a toothbrush for some time in order to get her used to it. Now that we need to get serious about brushing her teeth, she wants nothing of it. She pushes the toothbrush out with her tongue and I'm having the hardest time brushing her teeth. I can hold her down, but I can't do anything when she pushes the brush away with her tongue. She's getting molars in and I really want to keep them brushed.


Kim said...

Our kids never liked to have their teeth brushed while they were teething. Maybe that is the case with Olivia? We also let them hold the toothbrush for a bit, and then we take over and brush them good.

Anonymous said...

Keep @ it with the toothbrush. Kerrick did the same thing. He used to love it, then would only do it himself & now he's back to loving it again. Try to be patient with the counseling as well.


Stacie said...

Cute pictures!!

I think wanting to prepare yourself for a possible negative outcome is only human after something tragic happens. It's a defense mechanism.
Sometimes the harder you try to not think negatively the more it seems you get stuck in that negative frame of mind.
I would encourage you to also look for the exceptions in things. Those times when things went right and maybe even better than you planned.
Maybe even try keeping a praise journal. That way when you find yourself worrying or becoming anxious you can look back and know that there were a number of times that things went better than you ever expected them to.

Thinking of you.
Love you.

amyoutlaw said...

Personally, counseling worked for me. They don't try to "fix" you but lend an encouraging ear. I would definitely look into it. Nothing bad can come of it, just good.

I hope you feel better soon.


Chickenista said...

As far as brushing, Caitie was the easiest. I think because we made a whole thing out of it. Everyone gathered around the sink sang "brusha, brusha, brusha, brush them up brush them down.." We giggled and danced. Toothpaste pouring out. Very gross and messy. But the important thing is letting them have fun with it. Four kids later I learned every child is different. Don't get discouraged, you'll find her niche.
You could play find the germy?? My second kid liked that one. He opens his mouth and you inspect it Then get the germy with the brush. Make a big deal about it. Before they know it they had their teeth n tongue brushed!! Good Luck! ♥hugs♥

Anissa said...

Aden hated the toothbrush -- I would let him brush a little then Mommy would brush and we would make animal noises while we did it. He is 3 now and say mommy do cow -- while I'm brushing his teeth. Love the pictures -- she is a cutie with her glasses.

Jennifer said...

I LOVE that first picture of Olivia!!

try letting her brush her teeth first, and then once you take the brush back, make her laugh so she opens her mouth.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately teeth are not something to be messed about. Force the issue!!! Brush her teeth at the same time as your husband brushes his! You are the boss and you know best. She cannot win this battle!