Thursday, May 21, 2009

What's In A Name?

Names fascinate me and the reasons behind them. I was almost an Amy, but then my parents found the name Jodi in a children's Christmas book. Olivia was almost an Abigail, but we felt Olivia went so much better with Logan. We'd had Logan's name picked out for 6+ years. Whenever we talked about our future children, we'd refer to them as Logan and so and so (our girl names changed quite a bit over the years.) We'd say, "This would be Logan's room, etc." I think God knew that He had to give us our Logan. . .even though it was only for a short while. William is Ryan's middle name and his dad's first name. The most precious thing we could have given our son is his name.

Olivia is, of course, the perfect name for her as it is derived from olive. . .like an olive branch. . .that symbolizes peace. That's definitely what she gives us every day. After our weird connection with giraffes, I knew I picked the right name for her when they named the baby giraffe at the zoo "Olivia." Her middle name is an interesting story. Before I knew I was pregnant with triplets, a friend and co-worker of my mom dreamt that I would have triplets. In her dream, I brought them into their office. . .Logan, Olivia and Paige. (She knew we were considering Logan and Olivia.) When I found out I was having triplets, I googled everything triplet and came across Chasing Babies and read about Cole, Paige and Kaylee, who were born at 24 weeks. We had decided on the middle name, Paige, long before I would also give birth so prematurely. Funny how things just seem meant to be.

Is there an interesting story behind your name? Or, your kids' names?

I can't imagine myself named anything else.

It's the perfect name for me. . .

Olivia Paige


Shea said...

They came up with Shea at first from Shea Stadium. Later my mom saw that there was a basketball player and her name was Shea. So now I'm Shea.
My middle name is Lee because it's a middle name from both my mom and dad's family. So to keep it in the family, I got it too!
I like to say, though, that I was named after mom. Because my mom's name is Shelley. And I'm Shea Lee. I think it sounds the same. So if you ask me I usually give that response, "I was named after my mom."

Thanks for asking and Olivia is so gorgeous!

Heather @ boy, girl, and a pug said...

I would have been a Matthew if I was a boy, and my folks were going to name me Angela up until the very last minute.

You know the story with Kyler's name so I won't go into that. Still makes me angry.

Ella was going to be Isabella or Gabriella, but we were going to call her Ella. After lots of thought, we decided on Ella because it seemed silly to name her one thing and call her another. Plus, Isabella or Gabriella would be really hard to learn to spell!

Anissa said...

She is a cutie and I Love her name. My name came from a TV show. I new I wanted Austin from day 1 but when it came time to name my little girl I had no idea. One day I met a lady and her twins were named Austin and Ariel -- So that is how I got he name. Then after her I said if I had another baby he would be named Aden and he is. I always knew I was having boy, girl, and boy. I was never surprised by the ultra sound because I new -- I was even right on all three of there due date. My Dr. told me I was crazy but when that date came i was there delivering. Crazy!!!

Anissa said...

That is suppose to say knew and her

Jodi said...

If we had found out we were having two boys, they were going to be Logan and Austin.

Kim said...

I picked my cousins name, Christopher Aaron. When I met Kris Aaron, now my husband, I knew that it must be fate!

As for our kids names:
We didn't want any of them to have nicknames. They also all have an Irish name in their names. Alex was our first choice for a boy. His middle name Killian came from a session of drinking Killian's Irish Red.

Katie was named after my grandma Katie. My grandma's sister's name was Elizabeth. It has never been my favorite name, but I love it with Katie.

When it came time to name Aidan, Alex wanted his name to start with an "A" like him. With Kris, Kim, and Katie, he felt like the odd man out. There weren't many A names for boys that we liked. One of the kids that Katie went to Eaglets with had a brother named Aidan. Until I heard it at school, I had never even heard the name. I loved, and it fit perfectly for an "A". We gave up our original pick for his middle name. Our new choice for a middle name, Maccray, was even better than the original. It's one of my favorite names, and it fit the criteria of an Irish name.

If Kaleb would have been a girl, his name would have been Annaliese. When we found out that he was a boy, the names that we had chosen were Kieran and Kerrick. I have always liked the name Kaleb, but Kris was on the fence. While we were at the hospital when you delivered Olivia and Logan, I saw a poster next to the elevator that had Kaleb on it. It was fate! Since Kaleb wasn't Irish, we selected Brodie for his middle name.

Now our kids names names are in a pattern. A K A K

Shea said...

When I was born my mom didn't want to know what I was so if I was a boy I would be T.C. and Shea if I was a girl. On the whiteboard outside of my mom's hospital room, both names were written up there. And so when I was born the nurse went out and erased T.C. and that's how everyone knew I was a girl!

Becky said...

my sisters and I all have my mom's initials: BRR. All our names also have a triplet rhythm in them, too (the musician in Mom, I think). My older sister is Belinda Renee (Belinda is from Spencer's "Faerie Queene"), my little sister is Beverly Ruth (Ruth is my mom's middle name), and I am Brenda Rebekah (my middle name was chosen because it was her favorite piano teacher's daughter). I was SUPPOSED to be called Rebekah. Didn't last long. I was pretty much "Becky" right away. Now get asked all the time, "how do you get Becky from Brenda??" lol

Stu, Jamie and Lyric said...

I am, of course, named after my dad James. My mom loved the name Brianne and no one around that time had that name so that became the middle. My cousin Jeff had a friend who named his son Lyrik (this had to have been 6-8 years ago). I always loved the name and the fact that I am a singer really helped the name stick. We were considering Sadie Mae (after Stu's great grandmother) but one day, I remembered "Lyric" and voila! Her middle name is the same as mine.