Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Baaaad Day

Despite a fun visit to the petting zoo. . .Olivia is not having a very good day. Soon after we visited the sheep, Olivia fell on the pavement and bloodied herself up. That's on top of an already sore mouth because of 4+ teeth coming in. She had 7 teeth for the longest time and now she's getting the rest of them all at once. She was crying on the way home. . .I'm sure because she was hot, tired and hungry with sore gums, a fat lip and a bloody chin. Right now, daddy is trying to get her to take a second nap. . .she needs some rest. She has not been very happy today. . .poor thing. Hopefully, my sweet girl will be feeling like herself again soon.


Kerry said...

Poor Olivia! I guess she's bound to take some falls. I was actually thinking when she was walking around so much at the eye doctor that I was surprised at how little she falls for a new walker. She didn't fall down one time that day!

RyanAndrew2007 said...

I'm sorry Olivia had such a rough day. I hope she feels better tomorrow. Have a great Sunday!

Cristi said...

Sorry hope she feels better soon.