Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009 - Update

Reason why you shouldn't leave a paper towel roll within grasp of little hands.

Reason why you also shouldn't leave purse and/or diaper bag on the floor.

Hey, I'm learning! Part of me is thrilled that she is getting into all kinds of things but, boy. . . .can she make a mess fast! It's like. . .snap of the fingers and the house is a wreck! For the past three weeks, I have implemented what I call "Taking Back My House!" From what? I don't know. . .stress, fatigue, depression. I've told myself that I won't let cleaning and laundry back up on me. I have certain days of the week that I clean certain room and wash certain laundry. Tuesday, for instance, I wash Olivia's clothes and clean the bedrooms (both of which I have yet to do today.) It's hard to clean, however, when Olivia is undoing everything that I'm doing. Bless her heart, I think she tries to help. :) Pretty soon I think I'll make her put back everything she takes out. She's obsessed with emptying out drawers! The other day, she emptied out a cabinet in the kitchen and was trying to get in it. I just love watching her explore and with me close at hand. . . .I know she can't get into anything that would harm her.

She met with her Rainbows teacher today and Olivia continues to make gains each month. Of course, she is not age-appropriate, but that is to be expected. She is probably developmentally around a 16 month old. When babies are born as early as her, sometimes you have to subtract not only how early they were, but also how long they were in the hospital. That would put her about 7 1/2 months behind her actual age. She has already met more milestones than I ever expected her to at this age and every one of them is a blessing. She seems to be saying something or doing something new each day. Olivia and I met with some friends for lunch and she picked up her crayon and made marks on a coloring page! I have also decided to keep track of all of her new words on the sidebar. I hope you enjoy watching my little miracle grow!


Kim said...

Try having 4 kids and a puppy unloading faster than you can pick up. Ugh! I picked our family room up 4 times yesterday so that I could vacuum. It never happened. Everytime I picked it up, I couldn't even get the vacuum on before it was all dumped again. As frustrating as it can be, when I think about it later, I just have to laugh!

Julia said...

OK, I read the word list. Izzy??? Only Izzy? Souds like you need to talk more about Olivia's other wonderful cousins! Just kidding. And Izzy is awfully fun to say. You can pull out Rebekah's old nickname "Gekah" that is what she used to call herself.

Amanda said...

those pics are hilarious! lol... too funny!!

Erin said...

Love the pics! Beware~your toilet paper roll is next!