Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday, July 7, 2009 - Update

Olivia has been sleeping in until almost 10 am in lieu of a nap. She has discovered the joy of morning sleep. . .ahhh. . .it's the best. I actually had to wake her up this morning for her Rainbows appt at 9 am. There's something inherently wrong about waking a sleeping baby or anyone enjoying a restful slumber, really. Maybe I'm a bit biased towards sleep, but it sure helps a tired mommy. Once Olivia is up. . .she is up for the rest of the day and doesn't slow down. Who knows how long it will be until she starts napping again. She has been going to bed a bit later because she can't seem to fall asleep until the sun goes down. I'm sure she'll be waking back up at 7:30 am just when I start enjoying this new schedule.


Just Breathe said...

I remember when I worked and my kids had to go to daycare and it was so hard getting them down in the summer when the sun was still up. I wish I could sleep late now but it seems the older you get the earlier you get up. I am at my computer most days at 7am.


Madeline did the same thing right at about 2 yrs old. It was about 6 months of no naps, then back to napping. It wa summer time also, so maybe that has something to do with it. I cannot believe how much she has grown lately just in photographs and I hope we can see her if we get to Izzy's this fall. Enjoy the sleeping in while it lasts!

Anonymous said...

My kids could not sleep as long as it was daylight outside. Had to get a shade to cover the window, so it seemed dark outside. It helped.