Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday, October 10, 2009 - Update

Wow! Is this for me?

You shouldn't have.

This will keep me busy for hours!

I guess we should do Olivia's Christmas shopping in the cat aisle. Autumn hasn't tried it out yet, but Olivia gives it two thumbs up. Olivia has been doing amazing lately. She is climbing all over everything, drinking out of sippy cups, talking like crazy, coloring and eating new foods (especially when we give her a lot of applause and positive reinforcement.) We're finding that her favorite drink is iced tea. Isn't that odd for a 2 year old? She LOVES tea. I'm thinking of trying some rooibos tea with her because it's caffeine free, includes calcium and has many health benefits. I've been so proud of how she's doing lately, although we are fighting some crankiness due to her cuspids coming in. Those have definitely been the worst teeth yet.


Amanda said...

That is hilarious :) Just think how much fun that WOULD look to a 2 1/2 foot toddler :) lol... too cute... I took Nathan out by himseld the other day, and I was letting him pick out a toy "just because"... and what did HE pick?! A squeaky dog bone toy from the pet isle?! I guess 2 year olds just like to play with animal toys :) Glad to hear shes doing so good with everything! Her list of words is getting longer! She needs to come and teach Nathan... :) He's at about 20 now, so....we're getting there... :) Have a good weekend!!btw... Rodney has the pukes now...well? Hopefully we've all had it now, and we're done... (did I just say that?!) jinks!

The Mommy said...

I love it!!! I can totally see Ellie being entertained for hours with that too! Their innocence is so beautiful. :)

Anonymous said...

too cute.. I was waiting for a photo of her sitting at the very top! LOL

YAY! For her eating. Isn't it funny what kids will eat. Laneybug has always eaten salsa with me and she has always LOVED peperoni. We could both sit and eat a whole package of it!

Anonymous said...

Asher loves tea too! He had his first drink at probably a little under 2 and asks for it when given a choice. He also loved salmon when he was little, which is strange given the strong flavor. Oh well, as a mom of some very picky eaters (Claire really only eats cheese, crackers and fruit)I say whatever floats their boats!
Julie Hamlett