Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday, October 8, 2009 - Update

Sleep, wondrous sleep!

That's what I should have done today.

Then, I wouldn't have had: a cranky two year old, a low tire pressure light turn on in my car which made me check my tires out in the cold, rainy weather and an almost empty gas tank which made me stop to get gas in the cold, rainy weather. Then, I wouldn't have had to get a chai tea latte on the way home to make myself feel better which I would later spill all over myself and my car. . .which I couldn't clean up very well because of my cranky two year old. Is it time for bed yet?

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Amanda said...

lolol... I love posts like this :) Makes me know you're normal! lol.. So sorry you've had such a bad day!.. but the pics are cute :) And that's the blanket I made her..awwwe... how sweet :) Hopefully tomorrow will be better.. now get some sleep! :)