Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick Or Treat

This Halloween was the first holiday that Olivia seemed to "get." She was so excited to see people in costumes and ride in her wagon and go up to houses and be told she was cute. She was really interested in her candy. I have to say, this was one of my favorite Halloweens and I have had some great Halloweens. Ryan proposed to me on Halloween 2001. I look forward to all of the holidays to come. Olivia just makes everything better!
Olivia LOVED Rebekah and Julia's costumes.

Rebekah and Julia

To the candy!!

Olivia's first trick or treating house. She even said "trick or treat, thank you, and bye-bye."

She loved trick or treating.

Daddy, I got a lot of candy!

Psst. . .do you have any more Skittles?

Wow, people just gave me candy for looking cute!


Amanda said...

Umm...before I comment on the sweet little fairy... I have a question... does my sweet little Jodi have a "do-rag" with skulls and crossbones on it?! lol... I zoomed in on it trying to see... lol.. and I do believe that it is... just funny :) But, the pic of you and her is really cute! I am so glad that you were able to take her out and have so much fun.... the weather there must have been great!... you have on short sleeves! She said Trick or Treat?! Thats awesome... soooo glad you had a great weekend!.. I am working on my post too.. the video is taking a long time to upload... check back tonight! :)

Jodi said...

Okay, to be fair. . .the do-rag was from Alex's pirate birthday party. It's not like I just bought it one day. And, it was the only Halloween-ish thing I could find to cover up the fact that I didn't want to do my hair. LOL!

Julie in Colorado said...

She is the cutest little fairy thing ever! We had 0 trick or treaters in our neck of the woods, which is rural. Oh well we can always hope for next year!