Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009 - Update

It's almost Halloween!!

Olivia met with an occupational therapist this week. Of course, if the OT would have visited a month ago, I would have had many concerns to share with her. But, Olivia has come a long way in the past month. Her fine motor skills are improving daily. Her delay is most likely due to her sensory processing disorder because of her premature birth. We are going to start working more with things like play doh to strengthen her hands. We are working really hard during "therapy time" each day with stacking blocks, inserting coins in her piggy bank and she is doing amazingly well. I have every faith that she will catch up to her peers. . .it is just a slow process. We've also noticed that Olivia has a really high pain tolerance, which is also common in infants who spent a lot of time in the NICU. The other day, she fell off the chair, landed on her head and did a sort of back flip and just laughed. She rarely cries over bumps and bruises which breaks my heart a bit and makes me worry about her as she gets older. Below is an article that discusses the adult repurcussions of infant pain.

Overall, Olivia is doing fabulously and shattering many documented statistics concerning 23 weekers. I'm so proud of her. She is truly the toughest person I know. I don't think Halloween will even scare her at all. . .unless someone is dressed up as an eye doctor or a piano. . .those things terrify her.

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Amanda said...

Oh goodness.. had to laugh at the "eye doctor or piano" comments.. I was just picturing someone walking around dressed as a grand piano.... lolol.... I think you should be safe there... I don't think piano costumes are in high demand this year.. HA!... and you're right... she is doing so good with her motor skills.. and you are totally on the right track with the play-doh and things... that should really help... and your comment about knowing from the beginning the "cha cha cha chia" song is funny.. we TOTALLY must think alike.. lol.. cause I dont think anyone else would have got it without the clue... hope your doing good today! I will write you as soon as I can :)