Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Funny Story

I thought I would share a short, funny story with you. We have these long, wooden back scratchers that we got years ago. Olivia likes to play with them and finds many ingenious ways to do so. Today, she was running gleefully from bathroom to bathroom with the back scratcher saying, "Yay!" I sort of already knew what she was doing. I peeked in on her as she ran into our bathroom and I saw her stick the back scratcher into the toilet and say, "Clean, clean." I guess she has seen me use the toilet bowl scrubber one too many times. Hmm. . .now what do we do with the back scratcher?


Stacie said...

Put a sponge on that baby! :)

Now she can help clean the toilets!


Erin said...

Write Ryan's name on it, and make it officially become his and not yours. lol. ;)

Amanda said...

Thats hilarious :) But hey!.. she may be on to something there.. ya know.. those "tracks" you can't seem to get off the bottom of the toilet? it would scratch them no?.. I went to far.. haha... Hi Olivia :) btw.. have you done your jazzercise thing yet?