Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010 - Update

Woah. . .that's a big tiger!

Mmmm. . .refreshments. . .

Since today was a balmy 40-50 degree day (in comparison to the single digit and teen temperatures we've been having lately) Olivia and I went to the zoo. We met up with grandma, Aunt Kim, Aidan and Kaleb along with a few hungry ducks. It was nice to soak up some vitamin D. . .even if it was in a heavy winter coat. It was also nice to see Olivia interested in the animals. She even fed the ducks for the first time. . .every other time, she has just tried to eat the duck's food herself. She even requested to see the tigers.

The day ended with a nice surprise. I found out that my husband booked us a room at the Chateau Avalon for my birthday. I LOVE this place, but we've only been there once before. I'm so excited to have a nice weekend getaway just the two of us! This will be the first getaway of any kind for probably 4 years. I'm so excited!!

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Amanda said...

As soon as saw the caption.."Wow, look at those tigers!".. I thought.. "WHAT?! They went to the zoo?!".. Now, I know we always joke about the zoo thing.. but seriously.. you Kansans must be die hard zoo fans if you even go in the winter....hahaha.. :) I don't even think our zoos are OPEN!... Mayne its warmer in Kansas?.. We've had a foot of snow here for the last 2 weeks... I'm ready for it to melt!... Glad your all getting out of the house, even in the winter :)