Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010 - Update

Ryan was feeling adventurous today, so we went out and bought a wok and decided to try something different. HuHot (Mongolian barbecue) is one of our favorite restaurants, so we set out to make what we called HuHot at Home. Ryan's parents were our guinea pigs and we spent quite a bit of time this afternoon preparing and cooking all of the ingredients.

Our selection of meat and vegetables

Grandpa and Olivia were busy cooking up a dish of their own. Olivia called it "graham crackers."

Stirring it up

The finished product. . .yum.
There were few things that we would change for the next time, but I think it was pretty good for a first try. My husband, who used to be a strictly meat and potatoes guy, has now become a wok master. Who would have thought?


Julia said...

Looks good. They have Mongolian BBQ at the food court in the mall here. We ate there on Saturday and it was pretty good.

Kim said...

Looks delicious! Ryan, I noticed the spicy sausage. Can't have HuHot at home without it! We've found that we love to make extra noodles and meat, save the leftover veggies, and cook it all again the next day! Yummy!

Mary said...

The HuHot was delicious! Thanks for the wonderful meal - You really outdid yourselves.

Erin said...

Wow, that looks good...! I'm impressed!