Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Occupational Therapy

Yesterday, Olivia had an OT evaluation at Wesley (where she spent her 105 day NICU stay.) Her developmental pediatrician suggested some additional OT due to her fine motor delay. It went really well and not only do they feel confident that they can help her, they gave me a lot of ideas to do at home. She will be starting weekly OT therapy next week. Olivia struggles with performing tasks that require her to turn her wrists. . .such as unscrewing lids, using utensils and opening door knobs. She still does not have a lot of strength in her upper body due to her premature birth as babies do a lot of strength and resistance training in the womb. Her reluctance to use her arms really set her back. Olivia LOVED her occupational therapist and really latched on to her. I'm hoping this additional therapy will allow her to catch up in this area and I'm actually really excited about it. It will be one more reason to get out of the house each week, which will make the rest of the winter go by that much faster. Please pray for Olivia's continued progress in all areas.


Kathryn said...

It may sound odd to say this but - Congrats!! I was in OT for several years and loved it so much. Of course I was too young to understand that it was well therapy and was helping me to learn and accommodate for things I couldn't do, but still SO much fun. I hope Olivia has a great time in OT and I hope that it will help her correct what she isn't doing correctly or find a way around it. ( Ive learned with IEP's, learning disabilities, sensory problems of my own, loopholes and finding curvy paths to work around obstacles are your best friend)

Much love and prayers!

Joel said...

I'm glad she had fun. I hope that she continues to enjoy it and make progress. Dare I suggest a contest to see whether she can do more pushups than Ryan!

Megan B said...

Yay, this is exciting stuff!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I'm really glad to hear that she gets to have OT and that her therapist is so good already! Way to go!