Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010 - Update

So much sweeter than a box of chocolates

As you might already know, my husband does not "believe" in Valentines Day. Don't feel too sorry for me. He just doesn't think a person should do something nice for their significant other only once a year. And feel forced to do it. (I think one year, he must have had an empty Valentines box at school.) He somehow finds ways around it. For instance, this year, I got a massage for Happy Super Bowl Day. I've received things through the years for President's Day, Lincoln's Birthday, etc. This year, he also helped me paint the laundry room, which I'll take over flowers or chocolates any day. Plus, he does thoughtful things throughout the year, so it's not so bad having a husband who doesn't celebrate Valentines Day. For all those that do (and don't) I hope you have a wonderful day overflowing with blessings.


meredith said...

Helping you paint? That's a gift I would take over flowers and candy anyday! My hubby and I don't do V-Day either :-)

Anonymous said...

It is always better to just give them a box. It can,after all, be whatever they want it to be! G-ma

Stace said...

Happy Super Bowl Day? :) I love it.