Saturday, March 27, 2010

Olivia Update

This evening went much better than our morning did. We actually got the antibiotic to stay down and she ate a bit. . .like, a few crumbs, but that's something. Maybe this means we're on the mend. I found out yesterday that Madison (daughter of my friend, Stacie) has pneumonia, so please be praying for her. Lots of illnesses going around, it seems. . . nasty illnesses. This is definitely the most sick Olivia has been since we brought her home from the hospital. And, I'm no good at having a sick child. I fret A LOT and drive myself insane with worry. My heart breaks every time Olivia cries. I just want this illness to go away!!


Anonymous said...

can't you give the antibiotic in suppository form? This way she can't 'vomit it out'

23 Weekers said...

Kinnick has been really sick, too. The antibiotic doesn't seem to be helping. My guess is a virus. Yuk! The worse thing.