Thursday, June 3, 2010

Exploration Place

Grandma Mary surprised us this afternoon with a trip for all the grandkids to Exploration Place. We all had a blast. It's exciting to see Olivia's interests blossom since our last trip there.

Where there's a water table. . .there's Olivia, although she wasn't nearly as excited to play in it as she was last time we went.

Giddy-up, Olivia

She loved playing in the kitchen and helping mommy eat some yummy food.

All of the cousins weighing in on each other.

She found a slide. . .and didn't care that it was part of a stomach in the Grossology section.

Their favorite part, however, was running the vet clinic.

" I need an IV in room 5. . .STAT!"

A long day at the office

Playing with blocks. . .a great way to end a great day!


Stacie said...

Too cute!! It looks like they all had a great time. We've not been to Exploration Place yet with Madison. When she's older I think she'd really enjoy it though.
How was the grossology exhibit?

Casey's trio said...

This looks like such a fun place! My girls would love it. So glad Olivia had fun.