Friday, June 4, 2010

Full Of Beans

Autumn: What is this?
Olivia: I think it's kitty food
Autumn: No, it looks like a new litter box for me.

It's a tub full of beans

Becoming one with the beans. :)

Because of Olivia's sensory difficulties, I recently made her a tub of beans to play with. She started out barely touching it. I think part of that is because she thought it was kitty food and knows she shouldn't play with that. Later, she dug both hands in to find the toys that I hid inside. As you can tell, she quickly decided to put tons of her toys in the tub. . .and later sat down in the beans. She now loves playing with her beans. She practices pouring them into a bowl by turning her wrists instead of shaking the beans out. This will help her transition to utensil use. I just have to remember to keep the lid on because Autumn is very curious about it as well.


Kim said...

That last picture cracked me up! Autumn looks like she's waiting her turn to "become one with the beans" too!

meredith said...

What a great idea!

Amanda said...

That. is. too. funny. lol.. if she WAS sensitive to the feeling of beans, I THINK you got that one "kicked"... lol.. seems to be a liking the beans.. hahaha.. good job olivia!