Friday, June 11, 2010

Sugar, Sugar

After I had my kidney stone, I had some blood work done that showed an elevated blood sugar. So, a few weeks ago, I had to go in for a 2 hour blood glucose test. I just got the results back today and my blood sugar levels are indicative of diabetes. I'll know more when I go in to talk to my doctor about the results next week. Maybe this explains my fatigue, headaches and general feelings of malaise that I often have. Maybe once I get this under control, I'll feel better than I ever have. At this point, I'm pretty sure it can be controlled with diet. . . I just don't know what I can and can't eat. I know I'll be giving up soda, sugar, bread, etc. but there are a lot of gray areas and foods I am uncertain about. If anyone is diabetic or follows a diabetic diet, I'd love to compile a list of foods that I can still eat. Any help would be appreciated.

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