Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010 - Update

Ring around the rosie with daddy and Lily

Movie night

Olivia has done so many big girl things lately. Olivia has always been a good sleeper, but I've always done the big no-no of rocking her to sleep. It's the only time of the day that she lets me really cuddle with her. They say if you rock them to sleep, they will rely on it to go to sleep. Well, my big girl now tells me she's ready to go to bed and I lay her down, still awake, with her Gogum and Lily (of course) and simply leave the room. She goes to sleep on her own. She doesn't need me to rock her to sleep anymore. Luckily, she still cuddles with me in the rocking chair beforehand and we laugh and sing songs together. I may need that more than she does. :)

Yesterday, my dad brought out the old projector and we watched family movies. It seemed even. . . neater (that's the only word I can come up with at 4 in the morning) watching my own 3 year old birthday party now that I have a daughter turning 3. Olivia really enjoyed watching me unwrap the Fisher Price dollhouse that she now plays with and seeing the rocking chair that is now hers. It was quite a trip down memory lane. Seeing my own parents younger than me. . .that was just frightening. LOL!


don said...

The favorite part of my birthday was watching Olivia and Izzy jumping and laughing at their shadows on the blank screen while I changed movie reels! Every kid needs that experience! It was great!

Yes Jodi, it was indeed frightening to see myself younger than you! What a difference 30 years makes! Yikes!

Amanda said...

awwww.... I have ALWAYS done the "no-no's" of parenting :) The "don't let them sleep on your chest" rule? cause "they'll always wanna do that"... r u serious?! Thats the best feeling ever! and as my mom always says... "you don't see 5 year old walking around wanting to sleep on peoples chest' pretty sure they grow out of it! lol.. I think that's awesome that you rocked her so much...:)sweet mommy...

Alicia said...

But rocking is one of the best parts, glad she lets you still cuddle with her!!