Friday, July 16, 2010

Tyrone Part Two

Tyrone and my Cabbage Patch doll, Agnes

Tyrone's first haircut. They always put bows in his hair and I'd get mad because he was a boy!

Celebrating his first birthday

My very first memory, I believe, was of my dad bringing home our new puppy, Tyrone. It truly was love at first sight. To me, he was almost like another brother. That sounds silly, but those who grew up with an indoor dog will understand. When he got his first hair cut, I thought he "grew a snout" because his face wasn't round anymore. All four of us had our separate relationships with him and he treated all of us in our own special way. He matched his mood to whatever we were feeling. He was happy when we were happy, playful when we were playful, sad when we were sad and he hated when anyone got upset. He would immediately run and hide under the bed if anyone raised their voice. We would always say, "Well, now you've just upset the dog." Tyrone didn't know any tricks. . .I don't think he knew how to sit or lay down or shake or anything fancy. I don't know that he ever really learned to walk on a leash. I always got the comment, "Looks like he's walking you!" But, he knew how to love and that love is one of the great memories of my childhood.

To Be Continued. . .

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Anonymous said...

I am reading these Tyrone stories to the girls each morning. Rebekah's going to know exactly what you mean by Tyrone being like another brother. Kaiser is kind of like the little brother she always wanted. I love seeing the pictures of you as a little girl and hearing about your childhood. The girls have already started planning puppies first birthday and his adoption day celebration. Did you celebrate his first birthday as the day your dad brought him home?