Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday, July 25, 2010 - Update

I found this old picture of Olivia today. . .it was taken in July 2008. . .about a month before her first birthday. I don't remember her having such cute, chubby legs. :) I can't believe she is going to be three next month. She has been growing up so fast lately. She speaks almost in full sentences, uses utensils really well, and puts herself to sleep at night. That's been the biggest thing and one of the greatest and hardest, as silly as it sounds. I used to have to rock her until she was asleep and then quietly tiptoe and lay her down in bed being careful not to make any noise. That was exhausting every night, but it was also such a special time between us. Now, she wants me to cover her up, give her a kiss and leave. She sometimes falls right to sleep. Other times she sings and talks with her stuffed animals and babies for over an hour. . .crying for mama only when she misplaces one of them. It feels like the end of an era and such a big girl thing to do. Today, she told us she was going to take a nap, walked back to her room and shut the door. Really? My no nap little girl is putting herself down for naps now too? She's starting to make it too easy on me. LOL. Just don't grow up too fast, my sweet little girl. My niece, Katie, turned 8 years old today which doesn't seem possible. A Happy Happy Birthday to you!

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That was always one of my favorite pictures of Olivia... She is such a big girl-so very proud of her!!