Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday, July 29, 2010 - Update

After a short hiatus, I am back. I have not felt well the past 2 weeks. . .extreme anxiousness and an inner restlessness that only allowed me 1-4 hours of sleep per night. After two visits to the doctor. . .I think I'm doing better and actually able to write an update tonight. Things are going well. . .except my grandpa has been in the hospital and instead of returning home, he was moved to an assisted living facility. My grandma will join him there next week and leave the house they've lived in for 30+ years. My grandpa has Alzheimer's and as some of you might know. . .that's a tough thing to watch. Please pray for my grandparents and my mom and her siblings who are dealing with a lot right now. Other than all of that. . .we're doing well.

I got Olivia's picture taken today. She does not do well with things like that and I was a bit worried. But, the photographer was great with her and even got a smile. I don't get the pictures back for 2 weeks or so, but I'll be sure to share! I'm definitely taking her back!


Amanda said...

she looks so much older with all her hair now! It's getting long! and bangs too! :) She cracks me up... jumping on the furniture...haha.. I didn't know you still weren't feeling well :( Hope you start getting better... have a great weekend!


So sorry to hear about your Grandpa & are praying for you guys. I cannot wait to see Olivia's pictures. She gets cuter with every pic!