Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday, October 6, 2010 - Update

I think Olivia is getting the last of her two year molars because she’s been really cranky lately and her one dirty diaper every 2 days has turned into 2-3 per day.  She seems to be doing much better today and is back to making everything into a song.  She makes up songs about everything and is constantly singing and clapping her  hands.  And jumping. . .she jumps all the time too. 



Oh, and if anyone is skilled in the art of stubborn animal pill giving, please let me know. We’ve tried everything to get Autumn to take her antibiotic. . . from hiding it in food, using pill pockets, forcing it down her throat, crushing it up, etc.  Nothing is working.  You’d think we’d get lucky at least once.  The only thing we haven’t tried is crushing it up with a liquid and syringing it down her throat.  Would that work?  Ryan and I are scratched up and exhausted.

**I finally got some medicine in Autumn.  I ended up crushing the pill and adding it to a syringe with some milk.  Then, I just squirted it down her throat.  She might not get all of it this way, but some is better than nothing. :)

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Andrea said...

My mom always puts her dog's medicine in a marshmallow. She gives the dog a marshmallow without the medicine first and the follows with a marshmallow with the pill. Don't know if that would work for a cat though. Good luck!