Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Sorry for the blurry picture.  I grabbed Olivia’s camera to take a picture and she has it on some different settings.  Too bad. . .it would have been a good picture.  

You should hear this girl sing her Christmas carols!!  She knows quite a few and requests the Christmas station every time we’re in the car.  She also loves to read books.  Every night, Ryan and I read her two books before bed.  Afterwards, it’s Olivia’s turn to read them and it is hilarious to hear what she remembers from the books.  Sometimes she mixes the books up and talks about raccoons in Green Eggs and Ham and basketballs in Bethlehem.  It always makes us laugh.  And, she’s received Book-It awards at preschool two months in a row by reading 20 different books/month.  We have books coming out our ears around here. . .especially when you can order them so cheap from Scholastic Book Club at school.  But, I’m so grateful that she has a love of reading.  Music and books. . .that is what she asked Santa Claus for after all. Smile

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Kim said...

I sure do miss seeing Miss Olivia. She always has something funny to talk about.

We've got tons of books too. I'm going to have to buy a third LARGE bookcase for the rest of ours. Can't figure out where we stored all those extra books in KS?! Our problem is that the older the kids get, the larger and larger their books get. :)