Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Not too much going on around here.  Ryan had to go back to work today for the first time since Christmas Eve. . .we were sad to see him leave.  Olivia goes back to school on Thursday after a long Christmas break, so hopefully she adjusts okay.  We’ve been busy “remodeling” our dining room.  Ryan asked me what I wanted for my birthday (in about a month) and initially I said a new desk.  But, then, I thought. . .I don’t want to spend the money on a desk when that money could go towards a new dining room table.  So, he decided that’s what I would get for my birthday. . .a new table. . .along with new flooring for the dining room (we now have carpet that we’ve never been happy with.)  Ryan always goes elaborate for my birthday. . .one year I got a new car!  We have tentatively decided on vinyl that looks just like tile.  We brought a sample piece home and it matches our décor perfectly.  I’m sooo excited!!!  Funny the things that excite you when you get older. Smile

photo (3)

And, we purchased our table yesterday and it is beeeeautiful!  I love it!  I can’t wait to share pictures.  We bought the hutch that went with it because they were having a big sale on them, so I need to find a new home for my baker’s rack.  If anyone is interested, let me know.  I can email you a picture. 

I’m trying to start the year off with a more positive attitude, more spring in my step and a better outlook on life.  Ryan and I had one of the best days yesterday.  We went shopping, went out to lunch, washed my car and went to a movie.  We haven’t spent a whole day alone together in a looooong time.  It was amazing and both of us really needed it!  Thanks to Grandma Mary for watching Olivia. . .they always have a blast together.   I promise I’ll get around to posting new pictures of Olivia someday soon!


Cristi said...

Glad yall had such a nice day together! :) Love the picture-So neat!

Amanda said...

Don't forget to tell your readers that the bakers rack has sentimental value, and that whoever gets it to contact me so I know who my new bakers rack twin is! :) I'm crying... So sad.... It "introduced" us! Lol

shelleymurr@gmail.com said...

Don't get rid of that bakers rack yet... I am trying to call you but can't get you. All I have to do is convince your brother =) I think it might look really pretty with out table??

Kerry said...

Glad you and Ryan had a great day together and an awesome start to the new year. I still need to get TurboJam to you. I'll email you soon to set up a day. See you later!