Friday, July 29, 2011

Introducing. . . Kelsey!








Yes, we adopted another kitty.  A tiny 10 week old, extremely loving, dilute calico kitten.  I’m officially the crazy cat woman, I know.  But, you see. . .I don’t really have any hobbies other than blogging. . .and cats.  I absolutely love them!  They do my heart so much good.  And between that and the fact that my husband is impulsive and now a huge cat lover himself, we have three of them now.  Olivia was over the moon tonight!  She gets excited very easily, but I have never quite seen her as she was tonight.  She wouldn’t leave the poor kitten alone!  Olivia really wanted to name her Cassie (after a raccoon in one of her books) but we finally agreed upon Kelsey.  I think Kelsey will be a very social cat and very good with Olivia. . .kind of like Tobey.  Kelsey seemed to take her new environment in stride.  Tobey seemed somewhat okay with her. . .Autumn struggles with anyone new, human or feline.  Autumn is a very anxious cat and can be a bit insecure, so she’s getting some much needed attention tonight.  So, our family has grown by one.  We’re crazy, but we love it!  Oh, and we’re not 100% committed to the name, so if you all the sudden hear me call her something else. . .you’ll know we changed it.  She just looks like a Kelsey to me and it’s the only name we came up with that Olivia approved of.  She took this naming thing very seriously. 


Kerry said...

She's adorable. I will have to come over very soon and get some kitty cuddle time. Niko is such a big boy now...I miss kitten-time. Where did you get her? If I had my own place I would totally have another dog and probably at least one more cat. If I ever win the lottery I would buy a bunch of land and have a no-kill animal rescue ranch. You, Ryan and Olivia could live there and help me run it. :0)

Jodi said...

That's why we're such good friends, Kerry. You "get" me. LOL