Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Today was Stacie’s birthday and we were honored to spend the morning with her and Madison.  You’d think Olivia equated Madison to Santa Claus based on her level of anticipation.  She couldn’t wait for Madison to come over!  Those two are too cute together!


So, Happy Birthday Stacie!! We hope you had a great day!

Olivia and I spent the afternoon singing and dancing and doing some crafts.  I got the idea for paper flowers from a Caillou episode (LOL!)  You basically stick a pipe cleaner through a flower and twirl it down to make the middle of the flower.  Olivia adored these flowers!!


We made quite a few, but Olivia wouldn’t keep them in the vase.  She carried them around all afternoon.  I have plans to use different colored, textured paper flowers and have Olivia decorate them with glitter, etc. 


While I was cutting out the flowers, Olivia practiced her cutting skills.  She is getting better and better at it and does a really good job cutting on a line.  I always feel like I have to really persuade her to color, but she loves to cut!



Stace said...

Haha! We made the Calliou flowers recently too!

Anonymous said...

We made the calliou flowers too!

Tara (Isaac's Mom)