Friday, August 19, 2011


Today, Stacie and Madison came over and we were all happily playing in the basement.  I then came upstairs to a smoke filled room that smelled of burning plastic.  Let me back up a bit.

Last weekend, we purchased a new dishwasher.  Our old one only worked about every 4th time and when it did work, the dishes weren’t always the cleanest.  So, we did our online research, went to three different places and felt we made an educated choice with KitchenAid.  We wanted one that was middle of the road and this one was priced right with rave reviews.  It was installed on Monday. 

photo (22)

We pinpointed the smell to the dishwasher and honestly I was afraid to open it with visions of flames escaping every which way.  But, we did and found that a knife had fallen down onto the heating element and was literally sizzling to the point of almost being on fire!

photo (23)

Here is what is left of the knife.  That is the blade on top.  For one, I didn’t realize that some dishwashers have an exposed heating element and others don’t.  I personally think all of them should be unexposed.  It’s a major fire hazard.  I can’t tell you how many times Olivia’s sippy cup lids have fallen to the bottom of our old dishwasher.  And, I didn’t realize that heat dry is the default option and you actually have to turn it off for auto dry.  I’m terrified that I’m accidentally going to have it on heat dry and something is going to fall to the bottom.   

photo (24)

Now, we’ve got this mess to deal with, the smell to get rid of and I’m a very unhappy customer who was told, “To be more careful from now on when loading my silverware.” 


Kim said...

I'd honestly forgotten about exposed heating elements until we moved into our new house, and we had an inexpensive dishwasher that we didn't select. I can't tell you how many things I've melted since. I seriously miss my Bosch...the hidden element AND how quiet it was. When it comes time to replace the one I have, I'll gladly pay the $900 for a new one! Anyway, I've also found that our cheapy dishwasher has huge holes at the end of the top rack where things can fall out. Every time I load it, I have to 'block' the holes with glasses so that lids don't fall down to the heating element. Not sure if yours has the same holes, but you might keep that in mind.

Jodi said...

The frustrating thing is this was not a cheap dishwasher, our old one was and I almost liked it better.

Amanda said...

Oh my goodness!!!! Hahaha. That's a knife?! Lol. That needs to be sent to corporate or something for kitchenaid! Seriously! "look what your dishwasher did to my knife!" lol. I had a similar experience this week. I wish.. I wish.. I WISH I would've took pictures, but I was too mad to! I COOKED.. On a BURNER.. On HIGH.. A wiggle DVD that "Lord knows how" got stuck to the bottom of one of my pots.. And I didn't see it!! It stunk sooooo bad.. And filled the house with so much smoke.. We had to evacuate and go outside!!! I didn't know what it was?!.. And then when it all cooled.. An the pan was in the sink.. I noticed it was a circle shape. And I pulled it off.. And the underside was the front of the DVD.. "pop go the wiggles"... Uh, ya.. It went pop alright! Haha. I showed the boys, and Jake said.. "I don't think that'll work anymore, will it mom..."... Uh.. Don't think so Jake. Lol. Glad I'm not the only one who cooks things! Hahah :)

Julie said...

We got the same exact dishwasher in March! Haven't had any problems with it, but I am missing a sippy cup valve, maybe that is where it disappeared to! It melted completely away. We are happy with ours, but it was a step up from our old one!