Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Olivia was hilarious today! Here she is preparing a picnic lunch for Tobey and me.  She used garden flags as placemats.  Tobey is such a good sport. . .he actually played along and sat by his dishes. 

photo (21)

We cleaned the house A LOT today, including the front closet full of winter gear.  She walked around with a hat, gloves and boots for awhile today.  Of course, then she made me wear a stocking cap as well.  So, yes, I was cleaning my bathroom in August in a stocking cap. 

photo (22)


Stacie said...

We need pictures of this! :)

If you have pictures of Olivia in her stocking cap, surely you've got one of you too!! haha

OH! Good news! While Madison was downstairs playing today a little pink fish was found under picnic table. So, the missing has been found!!

Amanda said...

That is hilarious. Haha. That'll be a good pic to look back on in her teen years :)