Monday, September 12, 2011

Four Year Old Checkup

Olivia had her four year old checkup today.  Overall, we have no major concerns, which is astonishing considering the fact she was born at 23 weeks.  He would like to see her put on a bit more weight, but she is still following her own curve, so he’s not concerned.  One thing I haven’t shared on the blog is our struggle with potty training.  It seems that society thinks that if you’re not potty trained by 2.5 years old, something is wrong.  I’m happy to report that within the last 3 weeks, Olivia became  fully potty trained!  I tried nothing different (except I was VERY determined) and it just clicked for Olivia.  She no longer even needs pull ups at night.  I’m sooooo proud of her.  And, when we can stay dry and use the potty at the state fair. ..I know we have it! LOL! 

Her doctor is going to refer us to a surgeon regarding the cyst/scar on her neck.  It’s possible that it extends far beneath the surface and would require a more extensive surgery.  At that point, we’d have to weigh the pros and cons.  It’s not causing any harm right now, but things tend to rub on it and Olivia has begun asking questions about it.  It’s just one of her battle scars that I hope she can be proud of!  What a miracle she is!!

Here are her 4 year old stats:

Weight: 27 lbs 4 oz – 1%

Height: 37.5 inches – 8%

BMI: 13 – 4%

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Jamie said...

She is 1/2 inch and 0.4 pounds heavier than Will. Pretty close! That's awesome she potty trained so quickly. We had a very long summer with it but Lindy finally has it down too!