Saturday, October 29, 2011

Harvest Party

Wow, so are we almost done with Halloween? LOL.  Just today we went to Trick or Treat Street at the Wichita Children’s Theatre and a Harvest Party at Evangel Assembly of God.  Whew. . .I’m exhausted.  Olivia is loving it all this year, however, so it completely makes it worth it.  Although she has quite enough candy and it isn’t even Halloween yet.  It doesn’t help when I can’t seem to find a cake walk that I don’t win.  Maybe I should stop doing them, but they’re just so much fun!  Ha ha! Or maybe I should buy a lottery ticket instead.  Anyway, before I become completely delirious, here are some pics from tonight.

Me and OliviaIMG_0001


Wish I would have brushed my hair in this picture because Olivia looks adorable!

photo (32)

Her very first pony ride.

photo (26)

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