Friday, October 28, 2011

Ten Years

Before we get too caught up in Halloween and candy and costumes. . .I wanted to tell you how special this Halloween night is.  Ten years ago on Halloween, I was to meet Ryan over at his sister’s house.  When I got there, Ryan had not yet arrived.  I was told that he went to get ice which I didn’t think much about.  I remember Alex and Julia were a little over 1 year old.  That alone makes me feel old as they are in 6th grade now!  The doorbell rang and everyone was busy getting food ready and tending to Alex and Julia, so I went to the door.  A trick or treater, dressed all in black, stuck out a little skull bucket and I filled it with candy.  It was really really windy that night and I was ready to shut the door.  But, the trick or treater kept fiddling around with his bucket.  He then pulled out a ring box.  I then realized that Ryan WAS the trick or treater, on his knees like he always said he would be. 

Engagement 1IMG_0002

These were the days before digital cameras, so I actually had to scan these.  LOL! 

Engagement 1IMG_0001 - Copy

We had only been dating about 6 months when we got engaged.  However, we had an almost 2 year engagement.  We got engaged 10-31-2001 and married 06-28-2003.  Ryan had three semesters of college to finish up at Kansas State.  After a year and a half of a long distance engagement. . .we were so ready to tie the knot.

Engagement 1IMG_0003          IMG_1205-2

I can’t believe ten years have passed since that fateful night.  We had no idea what the next ten years would hold.  They haven’t always been easy, but there’s no one else that I’d want to go through life with.   And if he showed up at my door on Halloween night, I’d marry him all over again. 

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