Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Daughter, The Helper

Olivia is at the stage right now that she wants to help with everything and she actually can!  Yesterday, she helped me clean all the bathrooms and then begged to clean the bathrooms again today.  While I was putting the laundry away, she wanted to help so I told her to put daddy’s socks in his sock drawer, mommy’s socks in her sock drawer, etc.  I went into the bedroom expecting to see everything in the wrong place, but it was all exactly where it should be.  Then, she wanted to help some more, but all I had left were clothes to hang up.  So, I told her to go into mom and dad’s closet and put all the jeans in the laundry basket.  Then, I got busy finishing up the laundry and wasn’t really paying attention to what she was doing.  She walked up to me and said, “The jeans are washing!”  Olivia had not only put all the jeans into the laundry basket, but she pushed it all the way to the laundry room, put the jeans in the washer and started it.  The only thing she didn’t do was put in the soap because she couldn’t reach it in the cabinet.  I was in awe.  I think this girl is going to start earning an allowance!

She also sat through her very first full length movie at home.  A movie rarely keeps her interest past 15-30 minutes, but she LOVED Charlotte’s Web.  We watched it again today and she fell asleep during the last 10 minutes.  This hardly ever happens either because she doesn’t sit down long enough to fall asleep.  She is even snuggling up with me to watch it, which I am thoroughly enjoying!!  I’m loving this stage.

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Anonymous said...

Love it! Someone told me they have a small window of time when they actually WANT to help and CAN help :-) Enjoy this fall cuddling weather!