Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Our Scars

A few weeks ago, Olivia first noticed her scars.  Before that day, I don’t think she even saw them.  We were in her bathroom when she asked, “Why did the cats scratch me?” 

In disbelief and anger I asked, “What? When did they scratch you?” 

She pointed to the scars on her arm. And I had to explain that it wasn’t from the cats. 


Her skin was so underdeveloped at birth that even the slightest touch could damage her skin.  The leads connected to her body that helped save her life also ripped off her skin.  She has scars on her arms, hands, chest, stomach and legs.  But, not a single one on her face. 

You know, I’ve spent the last few years hoping that they’d fade. I showed her my “Logan” scar, a huge vertical scar down my stomach from my emergency c-section.  But, as I was talking to her about scars, I was overwhelmed with emotion.  Scars should not be something that you are ashamed of or embarrassed about.  Scars represent the human spirit. . .that you can go through the worst and come out healed.  They show that even the most fragile of us are stronger than you can imagine. 

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I hope she grows up proud of her scars and uses them as a testament to how far she’s come and what a miracle she is. 


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Amanda said...

I love it. That saying is so true. Don't be ashamed of scars.. They tell a story...

Anonymous said...

So true! I think it's wonderful how you have explained things to her and how she can grow to understand how the Lord has worked in her life. We feel the same way about Charlie's scars.

Anonymous said...

She should proud of her scars. They are the witness to the miracle that happened in her life. We will know Christ by his scars when we meet Him again and those scars testify to the miracle of His life.