Sunday, April 15, 2012

Busy Weekend

Friday night, we celebrated my niece’s 12th birthday!  When I met Ryan, she had just turned 1.  Crazy!  She’ll always be my little flower girl!



Jamming on her new acoustic guitar!


Encore! Encore!

Then, Saturday evening was a bumpy night.  In Kansas, I read that we average 57 tornadoes per year.  Saturday night, we had 97 tornadoes!  In one night!  We had a slumber party in the basement because of it and were up until almost midnight.  Olivia thought it was great fun. . .especially because she got to bring all her favorite toys downstairs with her.  Our town was hit, but we live just west of it and the tornado hit the southeast side.  My friends and family all seem to be safe.  What a night, though. 


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