Thursday, April 12, 2012

No Girly Girl

photo (56)

She wants nothing to do with Barbies or baby dolls or bows or princesses or dress up.  Give her a bucket and a shovel and she’ll play in the sand all day.  She’s a sucker for stuffed animals, Squinkies, Littlest Pet Shop animals and trains.  Her favorite show is currently Curious George.  She LOVES Curious George and sometimes pretends to be a monkey.  She loves science and learning about the planets, animals, bugs and how her body works.  I can’t tell you how much I enjoy watching her grow into  who she’s meant to be. 

**The other day I took her to the store to spend her Easter money and she told me she wanted this Ariel doll.  I thought, “Wow, she actually wants a princess doll?” Nope.  She just wanted it because it had a little Flounder in it.  That’s what she wanted.  She ended up buying a stuffed animal and a train.  LOL. 

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