Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Conversations With A Four Year Old

The other night, Olivia and I had a “slumber party” in her room.  I didn’t think she’d ever go to bed.

Olivia: Let’s play that one game.

Me: What game?

Olivia: The one where you think of all the animals.

Me: Okay.  You go first.

Olivia: Peacock

Me: Elephant

Olivia: Camel

Me: Alligator

Olivia: Rooster

Me: Goat

Olivia: Pig

Me: Sheep

Olivia: Rooster

Me: You already said rooster.

Olivia: Giggle giggle

Me: Let’s do underwater creatures.

Olivia: Okay.  Dolphin

Me: Shark

Olivia: Jellyfish

Me: Clownfish

Olivia: Rooster.

Me: In the ocean??

Olivia: Giggle giggle.  Let’s do things in our house.

Me: Door

Olivia: Dresser

Me: Mirror

Olivia: Rooster. . .Giggle giggle.


Me: Are you sure you want to sleep with your arm underneath me?

Olivia: Why?

Me: Well, it might fall asleep.

Olivia: My arm will fall asleep? Giggle giggle.  How does my arm fall asleep?  But I’m awake?  Giggle giggle.  Mom, why can’t I stop laughing??

Me: Be careful or that water is going to come out of your nose.

Olivia: Out my nose?? Giggle giggle.  Why would it come out of my nose?  Giggle giggle.  Mom, why do you throw up?

Me: Don’t ask me that question while I’m laying in bed with you.

Olivia: Giggle giggle.


The next morning. . .

Olivia: Mom, what did you dream about?

Me: I don’t remember.

Olivia: I dreamed about. . . .a rooster.  Giggle giggle.