Sunday, April 8, 2012

He Is Risen

We had a wonderful Easter this year.  It made my heart smile this morning when Olivia could talk about how Jesus died on the cross and then how HE came back to life!  I realized we never even mentioned the Easter bunny this year.  She received an Easter basket this morning, but we never really told her who it was from.  I don’t mind if she believes in the Easter bunny, but we’ve tried really hard this year to really stress to her what Easter is about.  And in doing so. . .the Easter bunny never came up. 


Of course, the first thing she pulled out of her Easter basket was her stuffed animal. 


Looking beautiful in her Easter dress.




Getting ready to go on an Easter Egg Hunt with her cousins, Julia and Rebekah.  (And, yes, that is Julia. . .my little flower girl who will turn 12 this week!!)   After they were finished, THEY hid the eggs and the adults had to find them.  Man, they can be cruel and I don’t think we even found them all.  LOL!  We really missed Ryan because  he was at home sick.  Hoping he feels better soon!




Easter also fell on Grandma Glunt’s birthday (which won’t happen again for about 80 years or so, I guess.)  So Happy Happy Birthday!!  And I wish you all a Happy Easter!!

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