Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Looking Back

Olivia and I spent quite awhile this evening looking back at her baby pictures and videos.  She could literally do that all day long, but I probably could too.  She loves to watch videos of herself before she could talk or crawl or walk.  She thinks it is hilarious to listen to herself babble, squeal and laugh.  And, I learned something that I will remember with our new baby. . .do not worry about messes in the backgrounds of pictures.  Those messes are Olivia’s favorite parts.  She loves to look through pictures and find her old toys.  It cracks her up to find things that she still plays with or remembers. Here are a few of her favorites.




So, I will remember that the messier the background, the better. LOL! And the best time to get pictures is when they can sit, but before they are mobile.  You simply sit them down, make them laugh and you have a great picture!



I will also remember to take video of every stage of speech development. . .it changes so rapidly and my heart just melts with videos like this:

Olivia talking at 2 years old


And, just for fun. . .here’s one of the first pics of her in glasses.  I can’t believe I ever kept them on her at that age!  What a sweetie!

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