Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My New Ride

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I’m now the proud owner of a Honda Odyssey!  My husband and I went looking at them today because they had 0% financing until the end of the month.  We were probably a little more than 50% serious about it, but I had never driven one and just wanted to see what they were like.  Well, I fell in love with everything about it!  I found the color and model I wanted.  Then, they gave us the price we wanted, the APR we wanted, the trade in value that we wanted. . .we just couldn’t pass it up.  So, we drove it home this afternoon!  Olivia was ecstatic!  Who knew that a 4 year old could get that excited about a minivan!  But, we’re a little excited too!


Ivo Beutler said...

Congratulations on your new ride! Great choice with the Honda Odyssey. Being a favored pick among minivans, the Odyssey has a roomy and comfortable cabin with lots of storage space. This feature is just one of this car's pros that can perfectly accommodate your family.

Junior Perrera said...

Wow! You are lucky to have a good car at an affordable price. Honda Odyssey is also good for long road trips because it is fuel efficient. Its spacious interior will also make your family comfortable during your trips. Have a fun and safe drive to you and your family!

Carry said...

The Honda Odyssey is a great ride because it is very easy to handle and maneuver. Although there are concerns regarding its price, which is higher than other minivans, the interior design and impressive gas mileage of this ride, considering it’s a mid-sized sedan, more than makes up for that. Indeed, you need to be proud of it! :)

Carry Bacot